Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello Dunedin, New Zealand

University of Otago by Dunedin NZ (flickr)

If Dunedin wasn't literally on the other side of the globe I would be there in an instant. I stumbled over it through Travelettes and fell in love with it from the pictures I found on google. And oh, this is what they write on their website:
Dunedin is an educated, enterprising, liberal, expressive and intriguing city with a real community spirit that embraces new ideas, new people, new enterprises and the more unique the better. With a proven record of educational and entrepreneurial excellence, it’s a city that fosters innovation and creativity, that revels in its underground arts, music and culture scene and flaunts its dramatic scenery. Dunedin brings out the real you.

Dunedin is about choosing the lifestyle you want – and then living it. It’s about smiling at the people who walk past you, on your own street or on the main street and seeing them smile back at you. It’s about deciding whether you want the ten-minute drive, the 15-minute bike ride or the half hour walk to work. It’s about deciding what to do on the weekend – surf, drink coffee, shop or hike in the mountains just down the road.  Dunedin is about your lifestyle..
Am I the only one who kind of fall in love with this town? It also has quite a good size (around 130k) in population. So, has someone reading this been there or live(d) there, if so please do tell me more (both good an bad!).

Otago peninsula beach by Dunedin NZ (flickr)

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