Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bechdel testing: Scandal season 3 episode 7

This was one of those series I didn't think would pass the Bechdel test, mostly because Olivia (the lead) mostly surround herself with men and talk about men to men.

Previously tested series: Glee, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and Grey's anatomy.

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

The discussions:
  1. Mellie and the journalist Carla talk in front of the camera about among other things art and that Fitz and Mellie always want a piece of their home, California with them wherever they are.

  2. Meeting with Olivia's crew, Abby ask Olivia about her dad.

  3. Abby and Olivia alone, they talk about Fitz, his dad, about a plane and that Abby is going to hug Olivia. They hug.

  4. Mellie tells Sally that her husband have groped a woman, Sally says she doesn't believe her.

  5.  Mellie and Carla in front of camera again, they talk about Mellie's son and the president.

  6. Abby and Harrison talk to a woman called Mrs Rowe about the plane and the man who was escorted off.

  7. Mellie tells Carla that Fitz can't come to the planned interview, then he arrives.

  8. During the interview Carla attacks Mellie on what the polls says and that she went on national TV with their dirty laundry and Mellie tries to respond. The president takes over the discussion and defends Mellie.

  9. Olivia asks her crew some questions about a man and among others does Abby respond.

  10. Mellie talk about sweaty hands with Carla, the journalist, on camera right before an event.

As I said before, men are a constant subject in this TV series, therefore the only discussion out of all of them above that pass the test is nr 11, but I'm not 100% certain that the conversation stayed on the subject so it is with some hesitation that I pass it. If you know they discussed men (the president?) please comment and I will change my ruling.

Scandal season 3 episode 7 pass the Bechdel test, but with some hesitation.

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.

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