Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bechdel testing: HIMYM season 9 episode 11 and 12

TV here usually show two episodes back to back of How I Met Your Mother so I decided to Bechdel test not only one episode this time but two but they will get individual decisions.

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

Episode 11 is based on bedtime stories that Marshall tell Marvin so he's the narrator (in rhyme). The discussions in episode 11:
  1. Everyone is at McLaren's and they discuss if Ted has a date or not.

  2. Robin is eating a wedding cake she has stolen and Ted has called Lily to stop her but when Robin gives up Lily tells her to eat the cake or Simon will win, she can't give up after just eating half of it.

  3. Lily tells Robin "Finish it" about the cake when she's hesitant.
The discussion that pass the test in episode 11 is the second one, even though it is about not letting Simon win it's mostly about the cake so it pass the test. Nr 3 is more of a command than a discussion so it's neutral I say.

In episode 12 we're back to the right time line again, the discussions:
  1. Everyone cracks Canada jokes at Robin after she says she wants to get married there.

  2. Flashback: Ted and Robin is at McLaren's when Lily comes in. Robin asks about Lily's dinner with a friend and Lily reveals the friend's secrets (pregnant and getting divorce) to Robin and Ted.

  3. Lily tells Robin that Ted won't perform as Liberace and then Lily tells them what Marshall have done. Robin, Ted and Lily discuss Marshall and the move.

  4. Robin tells Ted and Lily that Barney has been arrested.
Just as in episode 11 only one of the discussion pass the test. The second is focused on Lily spilling the beans about her friend Debbie who is pregnant and getting divorce and a lot of other things so the discussion focus isn't men and therefore it pass.

HIMYM season 9 episode 11 pass the Bechdel test
HIMYM season 9 episode 12 pass the Bechdel test

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.

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