Monday, March 24, 2014

Bechdel testing: Glee season 5 episode 12

The first show for this Bechdel testing week is Glee. It was the 100th episode of the series so even some former members of Glee was there like Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and Brittany. I will write my review without spoiling what was talked about (I will at least try).

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

There were several occasions during the episode where the female leads talked to each other. On more than one occasion a man was brought up or attended the discussion, though only one discussion truly failed (nr 2) the Bechdel test. The discussions:
  1. Brittany talk to Santana but brings up the chess player Bobby Fisher since she's re-enacting one of his moves with the chess club but then they discuss other things, like dancing.

  2. Brittany invites Rachel and Mercedes onto her talk show and for around 40 seconds they talk about their accomplishments, the cats kissing and such and then they discuss what to sing in for Mr Schue and Rachel says she's going to sing with Kurt.

  3. April Rhodes and Sue Sylvester talk about the auditorium, Mr Schue is also there but he doesn't say anything until the end of the discussion.

  4. Mercedes and Rachel talk about Santana and high school tormentors in the girls bathroom, they mention Puck in passing. This is the longest discussion in the show, I unfortunately didn't time it.

There were four discussions that definitely passed the test, at least the first three points, not the fourth since they weren't long enough. They were:
  1. Brittany and Santana has three other discussions other than the above mentioned, during all three they discuss other things than men, they for example discuss their relationship and that Brittany is a genius.

  2. In the end of the episode April Rhodes and Holly Holiday says they need to help the Glee club. Very short discussion.

Glee season 5, episode 12 pass the Bechdel test

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.

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