Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bechdel testing: Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 15

Third TV series this week to be reviewed. I've looked at Glee and Game of Thrones before. Despite this series having four leading women it still mostly revolve around the male characters.

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

Four times did the women in Big Bang Theory talk to each other in tonight's episode.
  1. In the beginning they all sit and eat together and usual and talked but none of the women discussed directly to each other.

  2. Amy is upset with Sheldon and says "Why do I even try?" to Bernadette who says she will fix this and Wolowitz says something directly afterwards. Bernadette then talk to Sheldon.

  3. Wolowitz, Amy and Bernadette talk about Sheldon

  4. Penny tells the vet that they (referring to her and Leonard) love animals which the veterinarian (Yvette) then ask if they have pets and Penny says no, Yvette thinks that is good. Leonard and Raj is also there.
Sadly the only one that can be considered passing the test is nr 4 but it's not even close to 60 seconds and Leonard is referred to but not mentioned by name.

Since the fourth occasion could be considered as passing since they actually did talk about something else than men (pets) but refer to both Leonard and Penny I decided to pass it. Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 15 pass the Bechdel test.

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.

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