Thursday, February 13, 2014

Watch this! Antarctica: a year on ice

A friend of mine found an amazing project at kickstarter quite some time ago which I forgot to tell you all about, I just found the link again in my e-mail. It's a documentary on how it's like to live in Antarctica - all through the year (which you will realise how special that is if you continue reading). The creator, Anthony Powell, has worked on this documentary, Antarctica: a year on ice, for 10 years and the documentary is not from the view of the scientists but from the everyday workers who keep the station running.

Here's one of the reason why this film is so unique! Usually films from Antarctica are made during the few summer months but this documentary also includes the months of 24 hours of darkness that is on Antarctica.

When Anthony put this out on kickstarter the whole filming was done, all he needed was money for the music. Needless to say, he got funded. Now it's been on several film festivals and won lots of awards!

You can read more about the film here. And you should definitely watch the trailers below, they're amazing. I can't wait until I can see the whole documentary. I hope you will be as intrigued as I am.

Trailer nr 1

Trailer nr 2

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