Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time limited sale on coasters!

I will sell b&w and colour coasters in packs of 4 at 30% discount until 23rd of February. Note though, the b&w seascape coasters are low in stock, less than 10 of each. You can mix however you want within each type (i.e. b&w or colour).

Coasters are made in durable plastic which is easy to clean, if you get it wet just wipe, it won't affect the image at all.

30% off:
Coasters (b&w) cost 4 for $17.50 (112 SEK)
Coasters (colour) cost 4 for $15.40 (98 SEK)
Original prices:
Coasters (b&w) cost 4 for $25.5 (160 SEK)
Coasters (colour) cost 4 for $22.5 (140 SEK) 
Note: 6 coasters cost the same as usual.

B&W. Taken with my lomography camera: Diana Mini with a b&w 400 iso roll.

1. Scandiabadet in Malmö, Sweden, 2. Ön in Malmö, 3. Tree
4. Öresundsbron 5. Öresundsbron II 6. Nature

Colour. Taken digitally.
1. pears at apple orchard, 2. apples at apple orchard
3. rose hip in autumn 4. mini apples at orchard

Sweden:  12 SEK
Europe: $4
Rest of the world: $4.50
Note: no tracking

Want it gift wrapped?
That cost $2.50 (15 SEK) extra

Payment options
I accept paypal and bank transfer. No credit card. 

How to order
  • send an e-mail to carin[at!] with the title "coaster23"
  • in your e-mail state which ones you want, your address (or recipients adress), if you want gift wrapping and how you want to pay. 
  • I will then send you my payment information. 
  • After I see the money in my account I will within 1-2 days ship the package to you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me!

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