Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014's book sale in Sweden

It's that time of year again when the national book sale swings by, it starts 25th of February this year. When I was younger I gave my mum a list of books I wanted after thoroughly searching in the catalogue the local book store sent home. Now, I mostly go through the three big online shops in Sweden. Usually I find more books than I can afford (usually I have to cut it in 1/3) but this year since my finances aren't that fantastic I'm struggling with myself: buy something or skip the whole thing all together (there ARE books on second hand after all but probably not these books).

This year I have my sight on 32 books: some in Swedish, some in English, three for children and two for jewellery creation. I need to narrow it down a little more. Some books are super cheap (19 Swedish Krona, SEK) but I don't want to buy them just because I can get more of those than some other more expensive ones, same goes with the question of book binding which also affects the price.

I will let you know if I buy any and which ones it will be, maybe I can get some of them as a Birthday gift since it's not that far away... *plotting*

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