Monday, February 03, 2014

100 love letters project

My idea is to get 100 people (or more!) to each write one (1) love letter (of some kind) to a stranger. In other words, write a letter in your own language and leave it somewhere in your town - it can be on a bus, in a changing room, school, at a café or even at a bench (you decide!).

To brighten someone's day

The letter should be left somewhere on February 14th (Valentine's day).

Want to join in?
You can either comment on this blog post on deviantART

or you can join in on the Facebook event
or comment below!

> Don't write out your address or anything on the letter, your first name or "just a friend" or something along those lines are fine.
> It doesn't need to be long, just speak from your heart - make someone's day (What would you want to read in a letter?).
> Make the letter noticeable (maybe in a special colour?) and maybe write "If you can read this it's for you" or "It's meant for you, yes you!" or "Hi, stranger, open me!" on the front.

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