Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Originals vs. The Vampire Diaries

Tonight The Originals will finally air in Sweden, as the sucker I am I will probably watch it even though I've seen up to the latest aired episode. I like to support when a TV channel have made a good choice.

So far I quite like The Originals but I feel my favourite Klaus hasn't been given much leeway, specially not in the latest episode, now he's mostly his grumpy mean self. I also very much miss Klaroline (the vibrating relationship between Klaus and Caroline). I do think the characters overall are pretty great but I miss more women in the series. Davina is more reacting to situations than, so far, taking it in her own hands, Rebeca might get a revival now but so far she's really been pushed aside in favour of her brothers and Cami... well, I liked her more in the beginning frankly but we'll see what she brings to the table now.

What I liked in The Vampire Diaries though is that we're not spoon fed with high and mighty men who take over every situation while the girls just sit on standby (as usual). In the series there are several quite powerful women, I mean the mayor was female and so is the sheriff and the main characters (Elena, Caroline and Bonnie) are all pretty kick ass in their own ways. Elena, when she was still a human, began learning how to fight and she hasn't been a fang groupie who wanted to be turned the minute she got a vampire boyfriend, Caroline have grown and become more mature during the series and Bonnie is a mighty witch. The boys are in a way a lot of the time eye candy and some love drama.

Now, TVD has some more time under its belt than The Originals which haven't reached a full season yet so I'm still having my hopes up. I also hope to see more of Klaus' sensitive side again since I like it when he opens up (at least to use viewers) and the best would be if Caroline would pay a little visit or if Klaus could care more about the mother of his child.

I'm hopeful that the series will grow into something great and I have my fingers crossed it won't be cancelled as several of my favourite series have become (Off the map, Emily Owens M.D. and Stargate Universe).

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