Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 25 - A movie that no one would expect you to love

A part of the 30 day movie challenge

I've pondered back and forth on this, even looked at my films to see if there's anyone that isn't like the others and I came up with one movie, but now when I write another one might also qualify.

First movie I thought about: Mists of Avalon
The Arthur saga has always been a favourite, specially from other perspective's than the classic one. I have read the book which is thicker than a brick and even though it's a lot of names to keep track of (and easily forget) I quite like the book but the visuals of the movie is even better, I just love the look. I first recorded it on VHS a lot of years ago and maybe a year or two I finally found it on DVD.

Second movie(s): Star Trek
I've never hid that I'm a fan of Star Trek (mostly Picard and Janeway) but not many knows it anyway. I grew up watching Captain Kirk on TV the days I was sick. Can't pick a specific movie I like more over another. I've so far only seen parts of the new Star Trek movie but it seems ok.

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