Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 11 - Your favorite movie from your childhood

A part of the 30 day movie challenge

This is a tough one, I've tried to come up with movies I really liked and which one of those was my all time favourite but I got zero.

Some movies I know I liked before I hit the teenage years are:
Lion King
The little mermaid
Dirty dancing
My Little Pony
Homeward Bound 1 and 2
Wild hearts can't be broken

Several of above listed I still like today! Wild heart's can't be broken will always have a special place in my heart since it's such a fantastic movie about fighting for your dreams. The best part is that the main lead is a spunky girl. All of the above have a special meaning to me.

Lion King
I saw this in the cinema with my mum, oh how I cried when Mustafa died, I think I even cried about it when the movie was over.

The little mermaid
I didn't own this movie myself but my next door neighbour did so I went there to watch it sometimes, she usually fell asleep while I sat there watching the whole thing.

Dirty dancing and Fame
I've mentioned these before in earlier questions so I don't think I need to explain how dear they are to me here.

My Little Pony
I got two VHS (the thing people used to watch movies before DVD) from my mum's friend which they had recorded from TV which are the classic ponies. I also, this one I still have, a VHS with short stories with MLP, my favourite there is when two of them like each other but everyone tells them to be something they're not to impress the other which makes them despise one another, but when they're themselves again it all works out fine.

One of few movies me and my mum could agree to watch together. I like Mulan as a character, not a wimpy princess waiting to be saved.

Well, who didn't like this? I watched it in cinema with a friend and my mum's friend. When DiCaprio dies I cried and both of them began asking if I wanted something to drink or tissues or candy... all I wanted was to cry alone at the sad scene.

Homeward bound 1 and 2
Not movies I would watch today but I loved them as young. I loved dogs and two movies about two dogs and cat on adventures - can't be better! Nowadays I'm not such a fan of dubbed (real) animals but I still have the VHS:s in my shelf.

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