Tuesday, January 07, 2014

30 day movie challenge: day 1

Day 1 - Your favourite movie
This is a tough one, it mostly depends on my mood what I like at the moment but I have a bunch of movies I always love, I don't have one single favourite, I have a couple.

Dirty Dancing (original)
This is one of the movies I grew up with, which I watched quite often with my mum. Nowadays I have two DVD versions (one being a collector's edition I think) and one workout. It will always have a special place in my heart, I wanted to be swept away by a handsome boy like that too.

Fame (original)
This is how I saw in front of me how my high school years would be. Now, I did study theatre but no it wasn't exactly as in the movie ;) I've always loved this movie and even followed the series when I was young. Nowadays I even have the title song as my cellphone tune.

Fucking Åmål
This is one of like 5 Swedish movies I like. It's one of Sweden's first teenage movies. It's about two girls, one being the popular one, who fall in love. It's just something special about this one that still makes it a special piece among my movies.

Howl's moving castle
This is hands down my favourite anime movie. First time I watched it I wanted to rewatch it and that is a rare feeling for me. It's so magical and beautiful. This one comes first before Spritied away and Totoro, also by Studio Ghibli, in my book.

Almost famous
This is another movie I can watch over and over again. Unfortunately it's the only one in this list which I don't own. Every time it's on tv I watch it though. I've always been infatuated in that era with groupies, hippies and Woodstock, even read Pamela des Barres book over the holiday 2013, and I would have loved the have been part of it, with this movie I can pretend for a little while.

Other favourite movies are... Cloudburst, Corpse bride, Mulan, Les Amours de Imaginaires, Amelie, The Secret world of Arrietty and Stardust. Sometimes Elizabethtown qualify too.

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