Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thoughts after last Christmas market 2013

The Christmas market season is now over for me, for this year, with this weekend's St Gertrud market. I'm much happier with how it went this weekend than the last one. Saturday went really great and lots of people commented my stuff, the coasters in b&w were really popular! I didn't sell any earrings though so lucky for all my international customers, they will come up at etsy as soon as I have time (latest January).

Sunday I didn't bring my earrings but a bunch of snowflakes made with beads and pegboards which unfortunately didn't sell but looked pretty when dangling above the table. I was standing outside this weekend and Saturday it was very cold with a grey sky. Sunday it rained approximately the first three hours which made selling paper products like cards and notebooks challenging. I did my best to protect them which, from what I could see, worked. I even sold out on my "Hope" Christmas card, but then again I only had 5 left from previous days.

When covered in see through plastic my notebooks was mistaken for letter papers so I'm going to look into that a bit more to see where that can be printed. I've also looked up trays, even though no one asked about that since the coasters went like butter in sunshine. I'm also going to take some more lighter photographs this Christmas which I can turn into Christmas cards next year since some complained my photos are a bit on the dark side. Example: one, two and three.

Before the Christmas markets I thought the colour nature coasters would sell more than the more artsy b&w, I was sorely mistaken, I only sold 3 colour coasters all in all. Thankfully had I asked a friend about two photos on the b&w which I was sceptical about and he told me to go for it.

In general I'd say that my notebooks and coasters attracted the 20-35 year old crowd, my Christmas cards the 40+ crowd, the earrings a mix of women (18+) and the snowflakes' children under 10. It gave me more of a view on who the buyer of my things are. That is always good to know!

I'm not going to attend any more markets in quite some time though. By the looks of it right now I will probably attend St Gertrud (if I live close by) next year but not Kulturen, heard another one that didn't feel it went so great there either (last year), but we'll see.

Due to the moist air some of the notebooks got a bit ruffled so I'm thinking about selling them at a lower cost online. The one I had out today as an example I'm buying from myself since it looks like the ocean during a storm, even though I took it out after it had stopped raining some time before. It's just a small batch though so hopefully does 90% of them look just fine.

St Gertrud
+ dry weather on Saturday
+ I earned in the table cost the first day
+ the pump Thermos with hot water I had on Sunday
+ my long coat which kept the warmth
+ awesome comments about my stuff being beautiful
- sly comments about my snowflakes
- the rain and cold
- my boots and double socks not being able to keep away cold
- that so few visited during Sunday due to poor weather

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