Tuesday, December 03, 2013

My etsy wish list (day 3 calendar)

Day 3 of Emily Dahl's calendar: Tell me what you wish for Christmas. Now, I've already started this kind of blog post before but stopped midway. Sadly, since I was a teen I've never gotten anything fun for Christmas, just necessary stuff ("I thought you needed a blender" or "I've transferred some money to your account"). I never put the money I get to fun stuff either since it needs to go to important stuff like a winter coat. I might buy myself something from this list though :)

Column 1:
1.Big dipper temporary tattoo 2.Snowflake sugar cookie earrings 3. Fairytale fridge poetry 4. Star garland 5.Geometric sun catchers 6.Dandelion necklace 7. Wren ring

Column 2:
1. Baby meerkat figure 2. Poetry book 3. Squirrels print 4. Eye exam tights 5. Oddfellow's orphanage signed book 6. Compass with big dipper 7. Paris letter (6 months) 8. Wild specimen (nr 2 or 4) necklace

Update! I'm actually getting the dandelion necklace from a friend! Never expected that!
Update 2! I got the big dipper temporary tattoo from another friend!

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