Sunday, December 01, 2013

Emily Dahl's Xmas calendar day 1

A Swedish blogger I follow, Emily Dahl, usually have a "Tell about" Christmas calendar every year and finally this year I felt it was time to join in on the fun. Hopefully that means one blog post a day until the 24th.

I've been jealous before on those that find their style and stick to it through thick and thin. I'm more of a shape shifter and wear depending on my mood, my style is influenced by a lot of things. I would like to dare more with my outfits like I did when I was in senior high though, other than that I feel like I'm finally starting to find my style, even if it's really a non-style with my shifting.

I'm more of a skirt and shorts kind of gal than pants but during high school and some years thereafter I wore jeans and very rarely dress or skirt. It's so hard to find great pants when petite as I am so it's way more fun to shop for dresses and skirts and I think that's why it shifted from skirt/dress hate to love. I do like gym sweat pants though for lazy days.

No matter what I wear a must is my rings, if I leave the house without a ring on my right pointy finger (to thin fingers to actually use rings on my ring finger) I feel naked and like something is missing/wrong. Usually I wear my two cocktail rings, one in gold and one in silver, and yes I do wear them at the same time at each pointy finger. They mismatch in an awesome way. I do like to mix and match clothes and accessories that might not, at first glance, fit together style wise or print wise.

Another staple is black but I've started to get more colours into my closet (wine red and green), prints mostly exist on my tights and some tops. I love t-shirts with something fun on them, like my t-shirt with a creature at the cinema eating popcorn which I wore on Hunger games. I do not wear bright yellow, grey or beige, rarely white (and just on top, never on pants or skirts) and pastels.

 I usually don't photograph my outfits though but just some weeks ago I played with a dress up game at and made a girl that somewhat portrays my style, the boots need to be black though.

On an ending note, my style could be boiled down to these keywords: comfy, quirky, accessories (rings), shape shifting, mood shifting, sweet, second hand, skirts, dresses and black.

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