Sunday, December 08, 2013

Coasters for sale!

The black and white photos are taken with my Diana Mini (lomography) using a black and white 400 iso film. Not high tech but it gives some wonderful pictures and it keeps the interest alive since you have to wait to get the result. The colour photos are taken digitally.

All the costers are made from scratch free plastic which is easy to clean. You can mix freely, if you would like to mix between b&w and colour then you can contact me and I can propose a price to you.

If you want to buy e-mail me at info[at!] stating which set of coasters you want and where you live so I can calculate shipping.

Coasters (b&w) cost 4 for $25.5 (160 SEK) or 6 for $31.5 (200 SEK)
Shipping will be added.

6 different b&w coasters, you can mix freely

Coasters (colour) cost 4 for $22.5 (140 SEK) or 6 for $27 (175 SEK).
Shipping will be added.

4 different colour coasters, you can mix freely

Of all the coasters I use myself the third on the first row of the b&w. I use it everyday for hot beverages and cold ones so I don't ruin my white sofa table.

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