Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christmas market: day 2 and overall

The final day of the Christmas market at Kulturen was much more crowded than the first one. The first day people came in bursts through the door but the second day it never really calmed down except the last hour or so. I, of course, sold better that day.

You can read about Day 1 here.

Lots of people checked out my coasters (they loved the b&w motifs) and the note books but what sold the most was the Christmas cards. Before the next Christmas market I'm going to count how many is left of each motif (7 of them) just to see which ones were the popular ones at Kulturen and after the second one see if they liked the same so I know which ones I should stock up on next year.

My dad told me that no matter how little or much I sell I should write down my experience and learn from it. What worked, what did not - what did people say? I know now that my letter earrings was a good idea but I need more child friendly words than FML, SMEXY and such since parents weren't too happy to buy those while the kids wanted them. Sadly I didn't have enough letters (or specifically the letter O) to do earrings with like LOL and LMAO but I'm going to stock up!

I also have a XO-design that I need to do some of too until next market. XO must be ok with parents, I hope. It was in other words mostly pre-teens and tweens who got interested in the earrings instead of the teens as I had thought before the market.

I did bring my 2013 calendar with me so people could check it out and maybe book a 2014 one (without the holidays) as I wrote in my former post but that didn't give any sales, which I kind of knew beforehand but thought why not give it a chance. No one looked at the bookmarks either, I think I have a better chance online with them.

During the first day I had brought with me candles in cups which I had made. I thought people had seen it before but lots were baffled at what I had done and unsure how safe it was. They were heavily commented but no one wanted to buy so I decided not to bring them the second day which also made it easier for customers to see the earring displays (they stood behind the cups the first day) which got more attention the next day when moved more to the centre of the table with nothing in front.

The earring display was at first toward the side which led to another room which I thought was a good idea since then not all customers had to stand in front of the table but people mostly used that passage to walk through to the other room rather than look at the earrings. It was therefore a good idea to move them to the middle of the table.

It was really nice to stand inside and sell, specially the second day when I had double socks on and could still feel my toes when the market closed. Old houses don't keep the cold out that well but my outfit did. The second day had grey clouds and some strong winds despite the weather forecast saying it was going to be sunny all day. If I can stand inside in the future I will, unfortunately I don't have that luxury at the next market so I hope the weather will be exceptional and not like last year when I was there as a customer: rainy.

By the second day I was way better at trying to sell my stuff so hopefully I will have that with me at next market instead of starting at zero like I did this weekend. I noticed how the other sellers in the room was working their customers and I'm not there yet but hopefully with practice I will be.

Overall weekend
+ inside
+ I got valuable customer insight
+ feet was kept warm all day the second day
+ wasn't as tired after the second day
- I didn't sell as much as hoped

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