Monday, December 09, 2013

8 bookmarks for sale

I'm a big fan of bookmarks, I think I have 5+ myself at home in different shapes and sizes. My latest one is a paper bookmark with a part of a Degas painting. In the future I hope to also sell bookmarks with my photos but I haven't found a good printing place for that yet.

Several of the bookmarks I make is made using left over beads so they're usually OOAK (one-of-a-kind) except any with letters, those can be remade.

Bookmarks cost $6.80 (45 SEK)
Shipping $2 (14 SEK) world

Shipping $1 (7 SEK) Sweden

You can buy them at etsy HERE.

nr1. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr2. "READ"-bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr3. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr4. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr5. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr6. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr 7. OOAK bookmark [FOR SALE]

nr8. OOAK (bookmark) [FOR SALE]

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