Saturday, November 30, 2013

The night before the big day

I know I wrote in my last blog post that I would write more on Sunday/Monday but I couldn't help myself. It's closing in on 2am and I need to be up at 8am. Tomorrow it's Christmas market number 1. It's not that I'm nervous yet, I don't think my brain has truly wrapped itself around the fact I'm going to sell stuff I've made tomorrow. Or rather, hopefully sell, as I hope people will like them as much as I do. I'm just sitting here listening to London Grammar (found this band today) and writing this.

In a way I'm lingering awake because it's a bit scary to put my stuff out there like that. When selling online it's not as scary because I don't see the customer and their frowns if they don't like my stuff.

Everything is ready to go now though. I have three big boxes with stuff, two of them contain the note books and one everything else. In my head it's like I'm still working toward this and not that it's just hours away. I can't touch it, it's still so far away in my mind.

Hopefully it will go great though. I hope people will love my stuff and come back and buy more in the future. I hope some might buy gifts and that the recipients of those gifts will love them.

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