Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prepping for Christmas market

It's a lot of preparations going on for my first Christmas market ever, this weekend! It's not just the things that I want to sell that needs to get ready but everything around it like boxes, paper bags and of course me (what to do dress, where to keep money and so on). I've just finished wrapping in the candle cups in cellophane (not as easy as it sounds) and together with some TV time (Grey's anatomy) I'm going to fix some of the last earrings that either needs to be redone (fixed) or just get an ear hook attached.

I feel like I'm on top of things and I have lists on everything right now that needs to be done and things that needs to be packed. One of the things left is putting stickers on 50 note books (which hasn't arrived yet, getting nervous about that). Thankfully I have a friend that help me with some of the things like my website that isn't functioning as should but needs to on Saturday.

You can follow more about specifically my art, products and so forth at my facebook page: Caja Creations where I will upload some photos of earrings next week.

Fingers crossed that everything will go well. I will tell you more about it on Sunday I think, on first December! Crazy how time flies.

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