Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas market: day 1

I'm so darn tired right now. It really sucks energy from you selling at a market with all the crowds, the buyers and the cold. The ginger bread man I had next to me I think sold the best out of all of us in that room, I do hope though that I will do better tomorrow since it was so-so today but then again another seller said it was fewer people today than last year.

I  had a bunch of people interested in my stuff, it also lead me to realise I should make prints of my Diana mini b&w coaster photos since a lot of people really liked those. I do too and had already planned such for my home so when I buy prints for myself I'm going to add some extra and sell at my etsy (will be updated January 2014).

Photo taken from Caja Creation's fb page

Unfortunately I have no calendar to sell (as planned) with holiday dates (due to software issue) but I'm thinking about bringing this year's left over to show and see if anyone is interested in buying a similar one for 2014 without the dates. We'll see.

I'm going to bed early, in a couple of minutes in fact, and hopefully that means I'm well rested and fit for fight for a six hour "work day". Have a lazy Sunday for me!

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