Friday, October 25, 2013

The perfect vegetarian brunch

I really like brunches and it's mostly an expensive treat to do once in a long while but for a while now I've been thinking about making my own, or rather do a trial and error for the perfect vegetarian brunch. You see, a less know fact about me is that I'm a vegetarian (I do cheat with fish sometimes though). I also try to not bake with eggs which makes breakfast food, specially brunch, more challenging since a lot of it include eggs.

Just a little while ago I found a couple of different recipes for non-egg french toast (thank you vegans!) and the idea of making my own Sunday brunch got stuck afterwards. I also love making smoothies and drinking hot chocolate so that's a given on my brunch. I even found recipes of warm cider (not that common in my country) which I'd like to try at least now during autumn brunch.

If it goes well I might evolve this and challenge myself some more by coming up with seasonal vegetarian brunches! It can be a fun project (I hope!).

I need to ponder a bit more about the food ideas, I know I want to do some kind of muffin but I haven't narrowed the idea down more than that. Scones, small soy sausages (really good with cinnamon) and maybe something with potatoes and something with apples... Hm... I need some more thinking on this but I'm digging this idea a lot and if I ever start a café I know what to offer on Sundays! ;)

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