Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: The arrival by Shaun Tan

I am finally a proud owner of the wonderful book The Arrival, a children's book about immigration. I knew it was amazing from just reading about the story but after going through the book cover to cover while all I could hear was the autumn wind outside - it was almost like a magical moment or religious moment as some would say.

It's such a fantastic book, there are no words in the book but the images says a thousand words and more. You feel with the main character: sadness, happiness and confusion. It's so beautifully and imaginatively made while keeping it real with how immigration must feel.

I think this is an important book and more people should "read" (see the pictures) no matter what age. It's definitely one of my favourite children's books.

little monster from "The Arrival" by ~Fbeluga on deviantART

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