Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Planket Malmö 2013: how it went

I've been planning to write this blog post for ages but never got around to it. It never rained as expected - just drizzled, and 28 photographers (me included) showed off their work on the 17th of August in the one day exhibition Planket Malmö. My hope had been 20-25 photographers so I was very happy with the turnout.

In the evaluation several wanted to be a part of the exhibition next year too. I learned that I need to be there even earlier because people came before the decided time! I didn't have time to organise a meeting afterwards but I'm definitely doing it next year as the participants had missed it.

If my hopes and plans goes as I want for next year it will either be in the same location but when something else happen there or in the city centre at the same time as the city festival.

Some photos from this year's exhibition:

One of our posters, this one made by yours truly.
When the sun decided to show his face.
My two photos at the exhibition.

For those that can understand Swedish I recommend keeping up with the fb page if you're interested to join in next year! There are more photos from this year's exhibition by other photographers on the facebook page.

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