Monday, October 21, 2013

My exhibition: Fem grenar [thoughts]

With one week left of my exhibition (closes on Sunday) I felt it was about time to get this blog post up! On the 28th of September the exhibition, Fem grenar, that I've been working on for months finally opened. I felt proud as the people flooded in at 1 o'clock.

So, what is the exhibition? It's called Fem grenar (Five branches in English) because there are five artists with five different art genres: photography, psychedelic manga, digital painting, acrylics/textiles and ink/pencil exhibiting together. We're all a part of my group Kingdom of Sweden at I'm the sole organiser of the exhibition.

During the opening a journalist from the local Swedish newspaper came and interviewed and photographed us. The article was published both online and offline. It was a really nice article.

Partille Tidning wrote about us

When there were only few visitors left I got flowers from two of the exhibitors and all of them told me what a fantastic job I've done making all of this happen. I was so overwhelmed by all of their sweet comments that I started to feel tears behind my eyelids and thus changed the subject.

The wonderful flowers

What also made my day was that my ill grandma with her fiancé, my dad with step mum, my mum and my uncle with new girlfriend all came to see the exhibition. Last time my family was under the same roof were in 2006 when I graduated from high school, so it felt almost unreal to see them all together.

All in all it was a great day!

The exhibition is open 28 sept - 27 okt at Partille Kulturum which lies outside of Gothenburg. You can read more at our web site:

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