Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Bechdel stamp for movies now on cinemas

Four cinemas in Sweden are introducing a special big black A as in Approved on the movies they show. It's a stamp that will tell you if the movie passes the Bechdel test.

How a movie can be approved: If the movie in question has at least two women/girls who talk at least one minute about something else than men/boys then it's approved. Sadly, very few movies on the market right now actually get that stamp.

The four cinemas in question:
Bio Rio (Stockholm)
Roy (Göteborg)
Spegeln (Malmö)
Röda kvarn (Helsingborg)

The organiser behind the stamp hopes that it will spread to distribution companies, production companies, film festivals, reviewers and so on and that it hopefully will spread internationally too.

Source (Swe): Sveriges Radio: Biofilm kan få feministisk godkäntstämpel

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