Monday, October 21, 2013

21 of my favourite smells

 I can probably come up with a hundred more but here they are...

  • the smell after summer rain, specially against asphalt
  • warm apple pie with vanilla sauce
  • vanilla
  • freshly baked [anything, but specially cinnamon buns]
  • freshly cut grass
  • old AND new books
  • sandalwood essential oil
  • new age stores
  • coffee beans
  • grilled meat
  • oil and mechanics (smell of my dad's garage)
  • the smell of my dad's home when I was little
  • lavender
  • diesel
  • Axe
  • warm laundry
  • music festivals
  • crackling wood in a fireplace
  • cold/fresh autumn air
  • the coming of a season in the air
  • wild flowers

What are your favourite smells?

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