Friday, September 20, 2013

Update on event plans

The last two weeks have been full of e-mails and correspondence and organising. Next Saturday it's my exhibition near Gothenburg which I've been working on since before summer. It's exciting but several small pieces left to fix. I'm also, since this weerk, organising an event for the Fairtrade challenge at the second hand I volunteer for. More about that in October though.

Today I found a very nice guest book for the exhibition and after a lot of looking I also found A6 cards for the invitations at random when I was looking for the guest book, there were no white left so tomorrow I'm going to look in another store (of the same brand) and see if they have them.

Next week:
Monday: Kingdom of Sweden* update, Critique night with Kingdom of Sweden
Tuesday: Frame my photos
Wednesday: Fix last things, pack and get ready for the weekend
Thursday: Go to Gothenburg, build the exhibition
Friday: Build the exhibition
Saturday: Opening of exhibition
Sunday: The book fair, maybe meet a friend and then go home

* My art group on

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