Sunday, September 08, 2013

Review: Monster house [animation]

A while ago I bought the movie Monster house, which was one sale, with the thought "why not?" and today I finally watched it. In short: it was an ok movie, but that's it.

Before the movie even started the problems began, I first had to endure all the copyright info, then three company logos (with animation) and then the movie finally started. To me, that seems like a stupid way to start a movie for kids. If that wasn't enough the movie intro was slow, first we followed a leaf and then we had to follow a girl saying hi to leaves, to the sky etc. as she rode her tricycle... An example of a good beginning is the intro to Tangled.

About the actual movie! First of all, the character design wasn't appealing, the biggest problem was the static hair which mostly seemed like a thick layer of clay on top of people. Second, the stereotypical type of characters: 1. the uncool boy as the "comic relief" 2. the smart know-it-all-girl and 3. the assertive boy which is the lead of the movie. Does it remind you of some other characters, that for example are called Ron, Hermione and Harry?

Also, for some reason the uncool boy reminded me of a young Corey Feldman, I couldn't stop thinking it through the whole movie. I did like the babysitter though.

The story had a good foundation to work with. For example: it was a nice twist on how the house became a monster, but yet a bit expected who was behind it. I did like the scene between the girl and the babysitter though, nice dialogue and a bit fun to watch. That scene, by the way, also meant the movie passed the Benchdel test (two named women talk to each other for over one minute about something else than men).

So overall, it wasn't a waste of time but I'm probably not going to watch it again.

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