Friday, August 02, 2013

Shop stop July: evaluation

During summer it's a bit hard to cut down on all the unnecessary things like ice cream and eating out once in a while so I've been somewhere between so-so and good in July with my shop stop.

I ate at home most of July except the last week. I indulged in chiropractor (so needed) and some creative things like beads, glass vases and spray paint. Some "useless" things are a Patti Smith t-shirt (from the concert) and a long autumn skirt that costed close to nothing.

I haven't eaten that much ice cream this year just 2-3 times in July, but I think that's ok, it's a part of the short summer here in the north.

In August I'm going to let myself have some slack when it comes to clothes for autumn, just so I can add a little bit of new and fun. My goal for the month is to turn off the computer at least once a week to save on the electricity bill.

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