Friday, August 09, 2013

Projects update: August

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

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July have been quite turbulent in my personal life, had a friend in the hospital and I tried to relax from the 15th when I decided to go on a vacation from some responsibilities like my art group and such. I still worked a lot on Planket Malmö.

I know though that some stuff here have been dragging its feet for months but minor projects (not listed below) have taken some of my time for other projects, but Planket Malmö and Fem grenar have definitely taken up a lot of the time.

♥ Friendship project - on hold
3 (of 4) still needs to be photographed and shipped to their owners. I've just put the box with the bracelets in a safe place so now I can't find it.
3/4 done

♥ Selling/giving away
I'm going to go through things and put them in two piles: 1. give away 2. sell.

♥ Closet project - on hold
Nothing new. I still need to make holes in the plastic boxes and add (make) lavender pillows. It's kind of the last priority.
3.5/4 done

♥ Tech sale - on hold
All of the basement things are in another place due to fire and are smoke damaged (thankfully not thrown away (see below) or burnt up. Tech sale is therefore put on hold.
1/4 done

♥ Finding the perfect job
Suggestions are appreciated in events and festival organising and youth projects all over the world. I'm thinking about snailmailing my résumé to some festivals for some tips and pointers to get into the field.
0/1 done

♥ Earring project Z - on hold
Haven't had the time to work on this, I've been autumn inspired instead. Parts: make, photograph and put up on Etsy and deviantART.
1/4 done

♥ Fem grenar project (former exhibition project)
I haven't focused on this project, Planket Malmö has the focus right now. I haven't been able to visit the venue to measure and decide due to my friend being sick and life being a bit upside down. Plans is to do it soon! I also need to decide and print what I'm going to show. Project parts left: measurements, organise the artists, exhibition, evaluation.
1/4 done

♥ Planket project
8 days left! After getting an article at the biggest Swedish photo community the entrants started to come in. It ended up being 27 exhibitors. I have also decided what to show, just need to print and frame. I've sent the press releases so I hope there will be writings. What's left: putting up posters, actual event and evaluation.
3/4 done

♥ Taking care of things in basement
I still need to go through the stuff from my basement, I just need to coordinate with my friend whose storage the stuff are in. Another problem reared itself at the end of July. Our second storage which was on strict orders not to be meddled with have been cleared out and everything we owned there have been dumped and is gone forever. We didn't want to throw anything in there.
2/4 done 

♥ Shop stop July - DONE
I felt that July went pretty well for being a summer month. You can read my evaluation here.
1/1 done
♥ Shop stop August

We keep on trucking! I'm going to slack off on the NO-NO on buying clothes, I need some new stuff for autumn, like a coat I don't freeze in! Good part: I'm going to turn off the computer at least once a week to save power/money.
0/1 done

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