Friday, August 23, 2013

Our inactions doesn't help anyone

I'm angry! There are people out there suffering every day. Over two million women in Democratic Republic of Congo have been raped and hurt in most awful ways. Women and children in Syria are used as shields in front of tanks and raped. Children die every day from hunger.

Where is the rest of the world?!

They're on their asses saying "Ooh, how sad" but no one does anything. The UN has for example observed the war in Democratic Republic of Congo for 10 years! The UN still hasn't done anything real to stop the war in Syria.

I'm sick of always being an observer and complaining about my poor economy. The average income in DRC is 1 USD per day! Everyone I know get more than that every day.

We can't expect things to be better if we don't help with whatever means we have.

Since I don't have the money I use my name, I've signed more petitions and letters than I can count during the years. I sign for AVAAZ, I sign for Amnesty, I sign for ICAN, I sign for AllOut, for GreaterGood, for Human rights watch, for any organisation and topic I feel is important.

How far does it need to go before we go from inaction to action? I want peace in the world, I want women to be able to study and work and decide when and if they want to be married and have kids. I want human rights to be real instead of a dream.

What would it take for you to do something?

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