Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Support an out of the ordinary graphic novel

A friend of mine have made a graphic novel called Story(cycle) as part of her MFA studies and now it's finished! She needs $350 to get the it funded on Kickstarter.

For as low as $5 you can get a digital copy and if you, like me, want something real to hold then the backing start at $15 for a signed and numbered copy. The more you support with the more goodies you get! The best part is that it's the first edition from someone I believe very much in, so it might be worth a lot in a couple of years.

Kathryn Briggs, the artist/author, says:
"Story(cycle)" is the culmination of my MFA studies - a graphic novel about Story itself. This first edition will be signed and numbered. The book is what I consider an artist's graphic novel, a work of sequential art I've painted over the course of the year. It re-examines the classic Hero myth, using eight female characters from myth and fairy tale to represent the process of self discovery.

Click on image to get it bigger so you can read the text.

You can see more images on Story(cycle)'s website if you want to know more before you commit.

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