Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One of Oskar Schindler's lists are for sale

There are four lists with names of the over 1000 Jews that got a job in Schindler's factory and thus saved from a certain death. Three of them belongs to holocaust museums in Israel and USA.

The fourth list have been privately owned for years and is now for sale. I think it should be donated to a museum about the holocaust instead of sold to the highest bidder... on ebay! The starting bid is 3 million US dollars and only pre-approved buyers can bid. As I write this it has no bids.

I believe that some things belong in a museum for the public to see rather than in a home of a rich person. Those 3 million could go to so many other, better, things.

Info: The movie Schindler's list is based on the book Schindler's ark (in some places known as the same name as the movie) which is about the real person Oskar Schindler and his lists.

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