Friday, July 26, 2013

My thoughts on Texas and their view on life

I got frustrated after reading about the new bill in Texas which leads to all but five abortion clinics closing and women not being able to do an abortion after 20 weeks. Not only does it infringe on women's rights to their own body it's also hypocrisy. I mean, how can a state that say they're pro life also execute people?

Disclaimer:  As a Swede I am sure I will have a different point of view than for example someone living in the US but seeing something in different angles and discussing it is a good thing, it's from that this blog post started. These are my thoughts.

Shouldn't Texas be concerned about ALL life? You can't fight for a foetus right to live if you have no interest in them beyond that. Texas with their "Stand for life" should be on the barricades with Human rights organisations to end the practice of death sentences as punishment. Instead they're one of those that kill the most prisoners.

Now you might say there's a difference between an innocent child and a perpetrator. Yes, but remember a perpetrator was a child too once.

The problem is that there are already thousands of children in need of parents already. We don't need to force more children into this world - specially those who won't be loved or have parents capable of taking care of them. Victims of any sort shouldn't be forced to bear the product of what they've been through and have a constant reminder. For some women, having that child, might be a death sentence for both the woman and the child (even if the child is put up for adoption).

There are talks about wanting to cut it down to 6 week (most women don't know they're pregnant then) or go so far as to make it illegal. In a country where abortion is not legal the rich will go where it is (rich Irish women go to the UK for example) and the poor will find some back alley doctor who can help them. The poor women end up in a very unsafe situation.

The working women of Texas not fortunate to live near one of those five clinics that will be left might have to resolve to unsafe situations. They might not have time or money to travel to one of those five clinics.

There is a known fact that women have used hangers, knitting sticks and other objects (and poisons) to abort a pregnancy. That is not only dangerous in itself, it can make the woman sterile or even bleed to death. Some might say that it served them right, but those who think that are not pro life. Life doesn't end when being born - it begins. We should care for all, no matter the age.

We're not in an equal world when women still don't have full rights to their own body, when governments (with mostly men) change the rules but not in favour of women.

Something that puzzles me, from the other side of the globe, is when I hear about all these people standing day in and day out outside abortion clinics and planned parenthood places, how much time do they have really? Don't they have anything else to do than stand there harassing women? USA claims to be the land of the free but I have to say a lot of people seem to want to meddle into what other people do with their lives there. Mind your own business instead.

My two cents: If you stand on the barricades for Pro life and force women to go through pregnancies they don't want or have children they can't take care of then you should pledge to adopt. You should also give money to research on pregnancy related diseases (that lead to death for women).

If every Pro life person raise their hand and say they will adopt all children who are in foster care or at an orphanage they can talk, until then it's time to let other people live their lives however they want.

I don't like people who bully others and then go free of any consequences. I believe in human rights. I don't believe in death sentences or illegal abortion. I believe in children growing up feeling secure and loved. The fact still stand though, too many already existing children need loving homes. If they do, then maybe they won't be executed later on in life by a Pro life government?

Short info: In Sweden we have free abortion. Up to week 18 you have every right to do an abortion and no one stand outside any clinic demonstrating. You call the women's clinic and get to meet a gynaecologist. After week 18 there's a special investigation and you need an ok from a place called Socialstyrelsen. At week 22 a foetus can live outside the body and then it's no longer allowed to do an abortion in Sweden.

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