Saturday, July 27, 2013

My dreams of owning a dog

When most girls long for a baby I get the same feeling for a puppy. If I see a child out on the town I can smile and find it cute but when I see a small dog a warm feeling appear in my chest, the one I believe many women feel for babies.

Today I saw a small Yorkshire terrier and two beagles that got my heart jumping. None of those breeds are among my personal favourites but the longing for a pup on my own made itself known again.

I therefore came home and looked up papillon again (like a hundred times before) and I also looked up how it would be to move abroad with it. The breed is ok with warm climate and it didn't seem that difficult with the dog passport and vaccinations.

I'm not going to buy a dog today or within a month but I'd like to own one by the time I'm 30, which is four years from now.

I grew up with a poodle and several rhodesian ridgeback, it's just been a part of my life for so long. It sometimes feels empty without a furry friend and I can imagine a small dog in my lap in the car or next to me in the sofa or when I'm out photographing.

Every month I save a little toward the estimated cost of 10,000 SEK to buy a dog. One day I will have my fluffy little companion.

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