Friday, July 12, 2013

Malala Yousafzai's important speech to the UN

Today Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head because of her beliefs - and survived, turn 16. She was shot because she was campaigning for girls education in her home country Pakistan, because she herself wanted to study.

She's one of those girls who someone wanted to force away from knowledge and education. She's one of the lucky ones though because she actually got to go to school to begin with and she's not one of those millions of girls that have been successfully removed from school (one way or another). She's as determined as ever.

Today she stood in the UN assembly speaking for women's and children's rights. The right to education. The goal is to put every child in the world in school. 

Her goal isn't as expensive or hard to reach as you might think. According to Avaaz experts have said it will only cost as much as two nuclear power plants. So, really, what are we waiting for?

Are our beloved nuclear power plants so much more important? I say no. I believe in knowledge, knowledge is power. We do not need any more nuclear power plants, we need children to go to school. There are children all over the world less fortunate than Malala, who has never sat a foot in a school. We need girls all over the planet to go to school. We need people to rise from poverty. Education is the answer.

To make you realise how important education is I want you to first see a short movie called The girl effect: the clock is ticking and then I want you to watch Malala's speech to the UN.

Ponder about that for a little while and then listen to Malala.

Please do sign the Avaaz petition here and show the world leaders that children need education, that girls need education. It is doable! Only the cost of two nuclear power plants.

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