Friday, June 14, 2013

Projects update: June

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

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May, what can I say. I've done a lot of new earrings, mostly for autumn. I've worked quite a lot on both exhibitions. Posters on the way! I also organised going to visit my grandma with my dad, not the easiest task since we all live far away from each other.

♥ Friendship project
I've misplaced the boxwith the bracelets, in safe place, but as soon as I find them I will photograph and ship them away. 3 (of 4) needs to be photographed and shipped to their owners.
3/4 done

♥ Selling/giving away
Not much new here, still go through my closet for things to sell or give away.

♥ Closet project
Nothing new. I still need to make holes in the plastic boxes and add (make) lavender pillows. It's kind of the last priority.
3.5/4 done

♥ Tech sale
Nothing happened during May but I got the key now - in June! Reason: to get in and clear my storage room due to fire. All the things have ash on them and smell like smoked ham. Can't do much at the moment.
1/4 done

♥ Finding the perfect job
Suggestions are appreciated in events, concerts and festival organising and youth projects all over the world. I'm thinking about snailmailing my résumé to some festivals for some tips and pointers to get into the field.
0/1 done

♥ Earring project Z
Haven't had the time to work on this during May. Parts: make, photograph and put up on Etsy and deviantART.
1/4 done

♥ NEW: Shop stop May - FAILED
I did continue somewhat but I forgot to keep track of everything so I consider this a failed month. My objective of eating more at home went so-so.
0/1 done

♥ Exhibition project
We got a name now and the poster just need thumbs up from the exhibitors. I also need to decide and print what I'm going to show. Project parts left: organise the artists, exhibition, evaluation.
1/4 done

♥ Planket project
I got the fb page but I still don't have access to the web page. I might do a workaround. I got permission from the police and the place which the fence belongs to. I also have a designer for the poster now. The registration for participants is open.
2.5/4 done

♥ Fixing the camera problem - DONE
I got a new camera (Canon EOS 100D), I can see a difference now I just need to remove that itty bitty camera shake and learn the sweet spot. I consider this one done though.
4/4 done

♥ Taking care of things in basement
I had to clear out my storage room due to fire in the basement, I feel so sorry for those who got all their stuff burnt up. Now I just wait and see about getting it all smoke and ash free. Thankfully nothing burned up.
2/4 done 

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