Friday, May 24, 2013

To do: cinema dress up

With some great movies this year (like The great Gatsby and Hunger games 2) it's time to make movie watching special now when 3D is everyday.

What to do? Dress for the movie! It can be just some small accessories or a whole outfit. Think like watching Men in Black in tie and suit. Here are some suggestions:

Dress as an artist or as they did in 1915! It can be as small as putting up your hair with a paint brush or having one behind your ear or as big as corsets and underskirts.

The Great Gatsby (3D)
Go full in with the 20's, it's in fashion this year so it's not that hard to find or maybe rummage through your grandparents closet? Maybe dress as the other gender. My two suggestions:
1: Straight dress (knee length), long pearl necklace, feathers in hair, fringe dress/skirt
2: Suit with tie and a fedora hat, for extra touch: handkerchief in chest pocket

WIP headband which I will wear with a long pearl
necklace and a fringe skirt to The Great Gatsby.

Despicable me 2 (3D)
Dress in an overall (the ones popular during the 90's or among painters and such) and wear with ski goggles, which you can have on head when having 3D glasses on.

Hobbit part 2 (3D)
The endless opportunities! Dress as any of the fantasy creatures like elves, dwarves and hobbits or maybe as Gandalf himself?

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