Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The camera dilemma

I've written before that I'm on the hunt for a camera and that I've had my eyes on Canon EOS 100D. Now, several have told me to go mirrorless or even for another brand but since I already have two lenses for Canon (and two more that are broken) it just feels stupid to change and I'm used to the system now. I like Canon and I'm not looking anywhere else.

100D is nice since it's compact and light, perfect for travels without killing my shoulders and I get a good grip with my small hands. But then... I saw 700D (the slight upgrade from 650D) and started to have second thoughts - back and forth.

700D is more like my 450D, it's heavier and bulkier than my former but it gives the same buttons (100D looks different on the back due to its size) in the same places. It also has a flip screen on the back, which I don't know if I want or not.

I've read several different reviews on them both and several that compare them and I'm no smarter than before. It's driving me crazy to not have a camera (my phone and my Diana 35mm isn't enough). Sure I could use my old one but after fighting so many years with sharpness I just can't handle it anymore, I need a new one that doesn't need me to use low flash to make it focus.

Canon EOS 100D or Canon EOS 700D?

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