Friday, May 03, 2013

Shop stop April: evaluation

It went so-so in April. My goal of writing down every time I grocery shopped was successful, it taught me I didn't grocery shop as much as I thought I did (phew!). I need to eat more food at home though than I already do.

During April I bought some unnecessary things like:
> tea (in my defense I have thrown away a lot that was old)
> archive pen (the ink stays on paper longer) and note book to use as journal
> camera bag from dA since their shop is closing

I've also bought some things I really needed like a smaller oven dish (second hand!), the ones I had were too big. I also bought some more stuff for my jewellery making, while there were a sale, but I'm hoping that will pay back later.

In May I'm going to eat more food at home, it's not super much I eat out (except lunch and such) but I think I need to cut back on that to really be true to my shop stop. Ice creams and such on warm days is ok of course, you need to spoil yourself sometimes ;)

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