Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peace & Love Festival file for bankruptcy

It feel like an uncertain time in festival Sweden at the moment. A while ago Siestafestivalen cancelled this year's festival and today the biggest festival in Sweden, Peace & Love, is cancelling this year's festival and declares themselves bankrupt.

Usually they sell the most tickets during May and June but so far they've only sold 9 000 tickets, compared to 23 000 on average during these months.

It's a sad day for me. I worked there in 2007 at Artist service (the dressing rooms) together with a friend. I saw bands like Alice Cooper, Crashdïet, Mandio Diao and lots of other amazing Swedish musicians. I even thought about sending in a steward application this year, I think if I had and gotten a place I would be even sadder now.

My favourite festival, Arvikafestivalen, was cancelled 2011. The former biggest (and first) festival in Sweden, Hultsfredsfestivalen, was cancelled 2010 and declared bankruptcy just to be bought and revived by another company in 2011, who this year (2013) moved it from it's iconic southern town Hultsfred to outside Stockholm (for ticket sales).

There's no wonder the ticket sales are low, because when buying you cannot be sure you will get them back if the festival goes bankrupt. The day Sweden Rock goes under though then we can definitely say the festival business in Sweden is in crisis since they've been going strong all these years.

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