Monday, May 13, 2013

HELP: To find where to stay for a while

To find somewhere to live have proven itself difficult. Mostly because I want the English language with the aesthetic of Prague, Edinburgh and Paris in one mixed with the warmth of south Italy.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you guys help me. Here's a list of things I like (and don't) and what I want where I live. I'd prefer Europe or the US.

What I like:
> old buildings
> gothic churches
> water (preferably lakes)
> rain
> warm summers (min 20C / 68F) with little rain
> cobblestones
> seagulls
> vegetarian food
> 100 000 (or more) population cities
> festivals
> fog

What I don't like:
> too much snow (a week or two is fine)
> cold winds
> Below 5C / 41F in winter

What I'd like in the city or nearby:
> forest
> lake
> 1h to airport
> public transport (train, bus, tram)
> culture (museums, galleries, concerts)

I'd like to work with either festivals (preferably) or events. I also nurture a dream of a place of my own with this and that in it.

Right now I only speak Swedish and English fluently. I did study German but it's kind of gone now and the same with Italian which I just took a basic course in. I do learn pretty quick though.

Are there any cities out there that might fit all or maybe most of my criteria?

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