Thursday, May 02, 2013

Finally, I held it

Today I could finally get a hold of the new camera body I'm thinking about buying. It was much smaller than I had realised (that centimetre really do a lot) and  it was so light, I loved that. Not sure I'm a huge fan of the menu build up and the plastic toy feel.

I asked the professional photographer that looked at my 450D what she thinks about this new one, about the stats that is. I think they look good but it was years I really delved in the technical specs of cameras so I can't tell for sure. I really hope she will say it's good.

I tried a demo ex at the store and it felt easy to take photos with and pretty crisp, though I couldn't zoom (no memory card) so I can't tell for sure. I'm going to go back in a couple of days or so when I've gotten the photographer's answer and then feel it again with that knowledge in mind.

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