Thursday, May 16, 2013

ESC: Sweden's contribution is our 2nd choice

You might not know this but the Swedish population actually voted for another contribution to go to Eurovision Song Contest, it was a European jury who made our second choice win: Robin Stjernberg with the song You, which you will see on Saturday if you're European and tune in to ESC.

Robin is an ok choice but there's nothing special about him, he wore a beige suit and mostly sounded like Mariah Carey. In ESC it looks like he changed to a white one and changed some choreography. Yohio, Sweden's first choice, have important views and bring something interesting with him on stage with his visual kei appearance - he stood out against the grey mass. I also liked the song more.

Sure, we don't know how it will go on Saturday but if Yohio was our contestant I wouldn't have minded if we ended up in the bottom half because a majority of voters picked him. The only reason Yohio didn't win was because of some stiffy juries from Europe. Instead we got the beige Robin, yay for him but yeah... I hope we at least end up in the top 10 but I'm unsure. We'll see on Saturday!

Yohio (who will, as "comfort prize", announce the Swedish vote)

Robin Stjernberg (who competes for Sweden)

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