Wednesday, May 29, 2013

20 words [list]

One of the few Swedish bloggers I follow made a list about words and I, of course, had to translate it and try to answer.

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1. What is the finest word you know?
Love because of what it means and thimble weed because of how it sounds.

2. Hardest word?
Good bye.

3. The most scary word?
Death. I'm not scared of dying (that much) but I'm afraid of loosing those near to me no matter if it's by walking out of my life (which is like they die) or by death.

4. Is there any word you have pronounced wrong a long time because you have only read it?
Not that I can come up with, but there are some words I have trouble pronouncing correctly since I stumble on the word.

5. Funniest word?
Scandiknavery. A word describing the skulduggery of Scandinavians.

6. Falsest word?
Forever. Mostly because nothing lasts forever but we throw it around so easily, specially with love.

7. If you could only say one word for the rest of your life?

8. Which word don't you believe in?
Forever. People always walk away.

9. A word you're tired of?
War. I'm so sick of everything related to war: terrorists, deaths, murder, etc.

10. Which is your favourite swearword?
Swearword I often use: fuck, dammit. One I really like: bloody hell (but rarely use).

11. What do you miss a word for?
"Lagom". There are several words in English that describes this Swedish word but no word that can be applied on all situations like "lagom" can. Lagom = just about right, in the middle, neither hot nor cold.

12. Which words don't you ever use?
lol, hate (to be fair, I might use it like 1% of the time)

13. What word do you wish you used more?

14. What word do you wish other people used more?
Understand or Listen. We really need to start listening to each other to understand, not to reply. We need to start understanding other people's point of view instead of hurting each other because of our differences.

15. Are there any words you have trouble spelling?
Necessary. I can never remember which letters to double, I need to think one time extra to remember.

16. Is there any word you think is hard to pronounce?
I have a lot I stutter on, now I can't remember a single one of them!

17. Which was the first word you learned?
My mum told me it was 'lamp' (such an original kid) and then 'mum' and 'dad'.

18. Which word in your dialect do you like the most?
Hm... I don't really like my dialect (my original home town dialect Västgötska that is) but I know some words I use* but I have no favourites, there's even a lot of the words on the wiki list of dialect words I barely even knew existed and some I didn't even knew belonged to my dialect!

19. If only one word would be used to describe you?
Petite. I'm small.

20. The most important word?

* In Swedish: ba' = bara, fipla = greja, flôt = fett, knô = knuffas, 'na = henne, te = till

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