Tuesday, April 02, 2013

TV series I follow spring 2013

I thought I'd share what kind of series I follow on TV at the moment, you will definitely notice it's pretty blended. If I lived in the US I would follow Game of Thrones. The mix would've been complete if there was a sci-fi series in there too (I really like Star Trek and Stargate) but unfortunately there isn't any on TV right now.

Monday: Nashville (season 1)*

Tuesday: -

Wednesday: Grey's anatomy (season 9)

Thursday: Criminal Minds (season 8)

Friday: -

Saturday: Vampire diaries (season 4)**

Sunday: How I met your mother (season 8)

* It's on a break for 6 weeks now though (mid season) since this week
** Kind of, I never watch it on its original air time on Saturdays to protest the day change from Friday.

The three series above I never miss is Nashville, Vampire diaries and HIMYM. Criminal minds and Grey's anatomy isn't that big of a deal if I miss an episode or so of. I also followed Once upon a time until Swedish TV decided to take a mid season break and continue the season in August instead! I also somewhat follow Big Bang Theory (which TV destroys with too much TV-time for reruns so I have no idea when the new episodes are).

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