Monday, April 01, 2013

Spotify support failure

Yesterday when I listened to spotify* I got a pop up about using up 6 of 10 hours for this month. I wanted to  look up some info about that and got confused. All I got when searching the support was the wrong answer:

Click on it to be able to read

To my knowledge all who uses spotify open/free have a 10 hour limit each month no matter where they come from - even the US. If any American spotify users read this please do let me know how it is.

I tried to from google, I tried via direct links in discussions (but the actual question didn't pop up just the general help section) and I still got the above every time. It said /se/ in the link but it didn't give me the right information.

Today when I tried the same thing another text popped up and no matter what I do the one above cannot be found. Instead I got the proper information about 2.5 hours a week and 10 hours in total per month which is added on the date you signed up for spotify. So much hassle just to know that piece of information!

With some searching among my e-mails I found spotify (21st of May 2010) and with some more search I got the information it was a Friday. There might be easier ways to find this out on spotify but I haven't found it. So all in all, my 10 hours a month restart on the 21st every month and my 2.5 hours is added each Friday, seems like April might be a youtube month then considering I've used up 6 hours already.

* I really don't like it but it's the best for now.

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