Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Mr Dixon disappears by Ian Sansom

Left: Swedish cover, Right: English cover
Mr Dixon disappears is the sequel to The case of the missing books. It could be read as a stand alone book but I'd recommend reading the first one to get a better introduction to all the characters and their relationships.

It's about the vegetarian Londoner Israel Armstrong who works as a book bus driver in Northern Ireland since a couple of months ago.

When Mr Dixon is found missing from his store Israel happens to be in the building and therefore taken in for questioning by the police. After being released from custody Israel has a week to prove his innocence and to find Mr Dixon...

It's a nice book but I prefer the first one. The great character descriptions are there and thankfully not as much namedropping as in the first book (it's like Ian Sansom got paid to mention some companies) but the story isn't as strong as in the first one. I knew after a while what had happened, just as when I read Agatha Christie's books.

It seem to me like a filler book, such books that doesn't really drive the overall story forward. The second book in trilogies sometimes have that issue though (in my experience). I will probably read the third book when it comes out in Swedish, mostly because it feels wrong not to read the whole trilogy.

Mr Dixon disappears is an ok book, I would say CCC out of 5.

I read the Swedish translation (left image), it's originally written in English.

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